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Our History

IMCOTEX was founded in 1985, thanks to the energies, to the positivity and to the teaching of our father Alessandro, already in the textile machinery field for many years.

My name is Daniela and I was the one who started developing, with him always by my side, what, back in those days, represented great opportunity markets: North Africa, South America, without neglecting "Italy" which, at that time, produced kilometers of yarns and fabrics and invested in technology and innovation giving us the opportunity to buy and sell in our own country.

Turkey, another major reality, had started in those years its first steps towards the "cardate" and we therefore decided to concentrate our sales targets more and more on this market.

I am proud to say that, thanks to this, our company is considered today one of the most well-known and appreciated in the textile industry of the used machinery.

It is 1988 that my sister Maria Cristina joins in. After having completed her studies in London she decides to return to Biella and enters the company.

She is fluent in languages, has an incredible capacity in learning the technical aspects of the job and, above all, she has a remarkable ability in conducting negotiations with customers from all over the world.

She is only twenty years old but yet a woman. Our father, perhaps unconsciously or perhaps far ahead many others, counts on us, young female daughters to pursue a profession that is considered certainly more suited to men in a time when even cultural differences could lead to discrimination in our regard. He was right. Than the fairs start, the trips to India, to Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, South America as well as to North Africa.

Cristina, that's how everyone calls her, travels alone but, in reality, she is never so. At the exhibitions she meets a lot of people with whom she shares the passion for this work and begins with them a long term friendship based on mutual esteem and collaboration. Imcotex begins its expansion.

It is a healthy company, it grows and gains great credibility on the market. It develops new projects. Opens, in partnership with others, an auction house.

We assists as "textile expert" a French "Huissieres Judiciaires" study to prepare judicial auctions in France.

In 2016 Flavio joins our “team”, and with him, technically very prepared and with experience for the sale of the new machinery, come the first representations of important mechanotextile companies.

Here we are today.

Our father Alessandro is unfortunately no longer with us but all he created is still there and continues to grow thanks to what he taught us.

This presentation was written in this way to pay a tribute to him...it is my own personal way to say thank you dad!

Written by Daniela


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